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CRE8IVELOGIX Inc. is an AWS Partner who can help fast-track your cloud adoption journey by ARCHITECTING, DESIGNING, and DEVELOPING optimized cloud solutions guided by Well-Architected Framework from AWS.



Technology and Business Transformation Experts.

CRE8IVELOGIX Inc. Is A Leading AWS Consulting Partner, Trusted By Fortune 500 Companies. We Have Over 5 Years Of Experience Working With Enterprises And Startups. We ADVISE, STRATEGIZE And ARCHITECT Solutions By Partnering With Organizations, Integrating Seamless Within Their Existing Teams And Help Them Fast-Track Their Cloud Adoption Journey From MONTHS To WEEKS.

We Are Unusually Focused On Our Partnerships. We Believe In Building Long Lasting Trust And Relationships.
We Are Fully Committed And Focused On The Development Of Our Partners Business Powered By The Transformation We Bring To Your Applications. We Not Only Focus On The Modernization Of Applications But Also Empower Our Partners Teams By Providing Guidance And Training.


Cover the entire IT stack

Our Mission Is To Offer Comprehensive Services To Our Partners To Help Them Accelerate Their Application Modernization Journey At Every Step.

CRE8IVELOGIX Inc. Has AWS Certified Trainers Who Can Train Your Team On The Use Of AWS Cloud Services By Providing Customized AWS Training Tailored To Their Job Roles.


AWS Certified Trainers

We Like To Share What We Learn. As AWS Certified Trainers, We Make It Easy To Understand Tutorial Videos. If You Need A Refresher Or Want To Get Up To Speed Fast With The Breadth And Depth Of Services offered by AWS, Join Our Youtube Channel.


Unique Partnership Methodology

We are all about forming a successful partnership by becoming an integral part of your existing team. Our engagement starts with an in-depth analysis of your business needs and is followed by a technical plan to achieve those goals. We follow the 5A's strategy to help us accelerate from start to finish line.



By working with your engineering team to gain insights into your existing application stack, we can help strategize the approach that would work best for your cloud adoption.



Once we develop the cloud adoption strategy, we architect a solution based on the AWS well-architected guidelines. Our goal is to create a scalable, reliable, cost-effective, secure, and operationally efficient infrastructure in the cloud.



We use state-of-the-art technology to help automate the infrastructure provisioning and provide tools to make your infrastructure secure and compliant out of the box, fast-tracking your development cycle from months to weeks.



With the foundation provided via our engagement, we also help train your workforce on cloud best practices to be more agile. This will tremendously reduce the time to market.



Our engagement strategy works as an enabler to the value-oriented business and technical goals and puts you on track for future growth and innovation.

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Helping startups and enterprises


Once our partners realize cloud platform benefits, the next thing we work on is to find out which cloud adoption strategy would work best for them. There are multiple ways to adopt the cloud; however, the strategy we choose is influenced by the complexity, urgency, time, and effort.


Build cloud native applications by redesigning your application from scratch.


Move your application to the cloud and refactor to take advantage of cloud offerings.


Easiest way to move to cloud by life and shift strategy.


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