AWS cloud migration Advantages

Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computing resources, such as databases, servers, networks, storage, etc., that can be accessed over the internet. Amazon Web Services, also known as AWS, is a cloud computing platform by the tech giant Amazon. Although cloud computing has gained massive popularity recently, some organizations are still oblivious to its value proposition.

CRE8IVELOGIX Inc is an AWS consulting partner specializing in digital transformation and application modernization. With our certified experts and 20+ years of experience, CRE8IVELOGIX Inc is the partner organizations can trust in their cloud adoption and cloud migration needs. 

Below we’ve discussed some advantages of migrating your apps to the cloud:


Security should be the No 1 priority of every organization when dealing with confidential data. Any data breach can be insidious to an organization’s reputation and trust in its products. Cloud offers advanced security features that protect data and resources when properly configured. These services include Web Application Firewalls, Encryption Services, Fine-grained permission policies, etc. Not all services are secure by default. However, the infrastructure provisioned using the Well-Architected CDK developed by CRE8IVELOGIX provides security out of the box.

AWS cloud migration services


Modernized applications take advantage of cloud-native services. By modernizing applications and leveraging AWS application migration services, your development teams become more agile. And can focus on developing differentiating business features instead of worrying about the heavy lifting of infrastructure provisioning and management. 

AWS cloud migration services

Cost Reduction:

Cost reduction is probably the most significant advantage of cloud computing and AWS cloud migration. Cloud enables you to build complex applications utilizing complicated infrastructure without requiring huge IT staff. Once organizations migrate to cloud using our AWS cloud migration services, they no longer need to pay for complicated equipment or maintain it.

AWS cloud migration services


Every application has varying needs; some are popular and have more traffic, while others are active only for a few hours. As the application demand increases, its hardware requirement increases proportionally. The hardware procurement cycle could take weeks or months. Therefore, organizations tend to over-provision their infrastructure for the potential increase in traffic, wasting a lot of money. Cloud, on the other hand, offers an elastic infrastructure that can scale up and down automatically based on demand. Organizations utilizing cloud computing, after their apps are migrated to the cloud, have a significant competitive edge thanks to this level of adaptability.

Global Expansion:

With its global infrastructure, exposing applications worldwide can be done in minutes. Distributing applications via the global network allows end users to access the resources through the data center closest to them, resulting in lower latency and higher application performance. All this is possible with our cloud migration services.

AWS cloud migration services

CRE8IVELOGIC Inc specializes in AWS cloud computing technologies and AWS Cloud migration. We have been helping our partners migrate or build cutting-edge cloud-native technologies for over six years. By adopting AWS cloud, your organization can benefit from all the pros discussed in this blog, which will make it ahead of its competitors.

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