How well-architected CDK from CRE8IVELOGIX can make AWS effortless

In this Blog, we will explore why organizations should move to the cloud, what challenges they face and how well-architected CDK from CRE8IVELOGIX can make AWS effortless. Imagine you are part of an organization running its workloads in a traditional data center or on-prem environment. One day you meet a colleague who is a cloud enthusiast and speaks highly about the advantages of building and running cloud-native applications. He also talks about the long-term cost savings associated with running applications in the cloud. Even though the conversation sounded convincing, you think to yourself, why would someone spend the time, effort, and risk of migrating a perfectly running application in an on-prem environment?

well-architected CDK

Benefits of migrating to the cloud:

Your friend gives you a run down about the cloud benefits and how they all tie down to a single benefit that is cost-saving of up to 80%.
When your applications are running in the cloud, there is

  • No upfront cost: You can sign up and start using available services without paying a dime.
  • No over-provisioning: You can start with what you need and configure autoscaling to handle the increase in demand.
  • No hardware maintenance: Cloud provider handles all the hardware maintenance for you.
  • On-demand availability: Most of the services are available as needed.
  • Elasticity and Reliability: You can scale to hundreds, even thousands of servers, within minutes.
  • Global expansion: If the users of your application are spread around the globe, you can achieve global expansion in minutes.

In reality, achieving all of the above is possible in an on-prem environment, but it would cost so much that very few have the budget and resources to do it. On the other hand, the cloud provides all these features out of the box on a pay-as-you-go model.

Eventually, your friend convinced you that getting all these benefits without spending a fortune makes the cloud an attractive option. Whether you are a startup building a green field application or an enterprise migrating an existing application, you can save as much as 80% of the cost of running in an on-prem environment. Running applications in the cloud saves cost and empowers your team to experiment at will, increasing their agility in delivering business differentiating features.

Problems which organizations face when migrating to the cloud:

Cloud development seems relatively straightforward, where cloud providers provide the building blocks in the form of storage, compute, database, and other services, whereas customers build business applications by combining them in meaningful ways.

well-architected CDK for AWS

Although this looks easy on the surface, if you look deep, each of these services needs to be appropriately configured to conform to the well-architected pillars such as security, reliability, performance, operational excellence, and cost-effectiveness. This requires the teams to have in-depth knowledge about configuring these services, shifting their focus from building application features.
If your application uses microservice architecture, a better approach is to have smaller teams that focus on their piece of the microservice domain. As a downside, each team could reinvent the wheel and configure cloud services differently, resulting in inconsistent usage across the organization.

After familiarizing yourself with the challenges, you quickly realize the need for a common framework to address these design inconsistencies across different teams. This framework should provide security, operational excellence, reliability, and cost-effective use of services out of the box. In addition, this framework should make it easy to provision well-architected infrastructures for the most common patterns like building Rest APIs and websites.

well-architected CDK

How well-architected CDK from CRE8IVELOGIX can eliminate inconsistencies and make cloud migration easy:

By utilizing such a framework, teams across the organization should be able to accelerate their application development in a consistent way. However, building such a framework requires experience and in-depth knowledge of cloud services and would require months to develop. Because of the rapidly changing cloud landscape, a dedicated team is essential to keep this framework up to date.

To help startups and enterprises alike, CRE8IVELOGIX Inc. provides a framework called Well Architected CDK. This framework is built by highly experienced architects and developers who enhanced the CDK provided by AWS by adding security, monitoring, scalability, and compliance layers.

Why CRE8IVELOGIX Well-Architected CDK is the best option for cloud migration

Well-Architected CDK also provides patterns that allow developers to spin up commonly used infrastructures like Rest APIs in minutes based on best practices and AWS recommendations. Instead of spending weeks writing infrastructure code, developers only have to write 3-5 lines of code, whereas Well-Architected CDK generates 1000s of lines of code behind the scenes to provision an infrastructure that is well-architected.

It gets even better when a new feature or enhancement is introduced in the well-architected CDK; the users only have to update the version to get all the added enhancements. If you are starting a digital transformation project, CRE8IVELOGIX Inc can partner with you to help fast-track your project by architecting and building a cost-effective solution using well-architected CDK.

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