Why Modernize your Application?

By taking advantage of cloud-native technologies, either serverless or container-based, organizations can instantly benefit from the scalability and reliability offered by the cloud while reducing costs.

CRE8IVELOGIX uses the 5A engagement methodology and 6R modernization strategy to transform legacy applications into well-architected and modern platforms.


Application Modernization Strategies

Traditionally organizations have been running their applications in on-prem environments. However, cloud platforms offer tremendous benefits over traditional data centers. There are multiple strategies available for application modernizations depending on business needs. The approach we choose depends on the complexity and urgency of the transformation and the time and effort needed for modernization. We have the expertise and experience to help you choose the right strategy.


ReHosting is a lift and shift strategy in which the application is moved from on-prem to the cloud with minimal changes.


If the application is very old, underutilized and difficult to evolve and modernize, retiring it may be a better option.


If there is an equivalent SaaS product available in the market, repurchasing the SaaS product may offer the biggest bang for the buck in some cases.


In the ReFactoring strategy, the application is re-architected to take advantage of the cloud-native technologies.


In addition, to lift and shift, the application is modernized to take advantage of cloud technologies in this strategy.


Lastly, if the modernization efforts are extensive and the application is critical, it may be better to keep the application running on-prem.

Serverlessor Containers?

Suppose the application running in an on-prem environment is containerized. In that case, it will be best to use container technologies like Elastic Container Service - ECS or Elastic Kubernetes Service - EKS when modernizing your applications. Suppose there is a need to re-architect the application. In that case, it is advisable to start with serverless technology whenever possible and only move to containers if serverless technologies do not serve the needs of the application and business. Serverless applications are more cost-effective, offer more agility, and are easier to scale and manage.

Some of the serverless technologies supported in AWS are Lambda, API Gateways, DynamoDB, SQS, SNS, etc.

Serverless platforms offer the following advantages.


Serverless platforms are spread across multiple Availability Zones by default, so they are highly available out of the box.


Serverless-based AWS services are designed to be scalable without doing much extra work.

Cost Effective

There is no need to over-provision when using serverless services, as these platforms scale up and down based on the usage. And organizations pay for only what they use; therefore, serverless-based services are more cost-effective.


AWS manages infrastructures running on serverless platforms; therefore the operating systems are automatically patched for vulnerabilities. This saves organizations time and effort.


Serverless architectures are easy to set up. Since there is no management involved, organizations can be more agile in delivering features and reducing time to market.





Cost Effective







Find out which technology will work for your use case.

We have AWS certified professionals who can help asses your modernization needs and advice on best possible route for your journey.

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