Helping shape the future of UAE?

By taking advantage of cloud native technologies, such as serverless or containers, United Arab Emirates organizations can instantly gain benefit from the scalability, reliability offered by the cloud while reducing cost.

CRE8IVELOGIX uses 5A engagement methodology and 6R modernization strategy to transform legacy applications into well architected and modern platforms.


Innovate on AWS with CRE8IVELOGIX

Traditionally organization have been running their applications in on-prem environments. However cloud platforms offer tremendous benefits over traditional data centers. There are multiple strategies available for application modernizations depending on business needs. The strategy we choose depends on the complexity and urgency of the transformation, as well as the time and effort needed for the modernization. We have expertise and experience to help you choose the right strategy.

Application Modernization

CRE8IVELOGIX Inc. provides UAE organizations expertise to modernize their applications by transforming them into serverless or containerized platforms.

AWS Cloud Training

CRE8IVELOGIX has highly experienced AWS certified trainers who can design customized cloud training program for your workforce based on your organization's needs.

SaaS Transformation

SaaS delivery models are gaining traction therefore, UAE businesses will find new markets for their products by transforming them into SaaS-based offerings.

Serverless Design

By embracing serverless applications UAE organizations can focus on innovation by Offloading maintenance and scalability concerns to the cloud providers

Application Development

UAE businesses can benefit from our extensive experience of software development best practices and testing strategies developed to produce quality code.


We can help UAE organizations just like our other  Fortune 500 partners by guiding on ML / AI strategies and designing AWS architectures to facilitate ML workloads.


We can help our partners In UAE to tap into new revenue streams and customers by increasing efficiency of their platforms.

We hire only the best so that our partners get the expert advice without compromising time. Our team consists of AWS certified professionals and AWS Certified Trainers so that we can bring the experts to our clients.

AWS Partners

Our innovative solutions are focused on AWS.

Digital Transformation Experts

We have been part of several startups and enterprises in their cloud transformation journey.

Cloud Native Thinking

Being experts of AWS platform we think cloud first.

Cloud Training

We not only design and build cloud solutions for our partners, but we also provide customized training for their engineering teams.


CRE8IVELOGIX Inc. is the partner UAE Businesses can Trust.

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