Fast Track Your Cloud Adoption With XLER8R

If you intend to start a digital transformation journey, you should be aware of the advantages, challenges, and a successful strategy to address those challenges. The first thing you should consider is what the business outcome of this transformation will be.

While the cloud may look easy to use on the surface, using it securely and cost-effectively requires in-depth knowledge. When adopting cloud computing technology, your existing teams may need the expertise to use the cloud effectively based on best practices.

XLER8R Pitch

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Our cloud expert team at CRE8IVELOGIX has thought about cloud adoption challenges and decided to make cloud adoption effortless. XLER8R is made by the developers for the developers. We aim to help startups and enterprises use the cloud effectively without breaking a sweat. Doing so will help organizations save for other projects that could scale up their business and get them ahead of their competition.


XLER8R fast-tracks your cloud adoption by eliminating the headaches associated with building an IT infrastructure.


XLER8R provides a foundation that allows you to provision a secure infrastructure conforming to various compliance standards.


By using cloud native solutions based on best practice recommendations, organizations can save as much as 80% in cloud spend.


Infrastructure provisioned via XLER8R conform to various compliance standards out of the box.


We have backed in monitoring and alerting logic in each of the component provisioned by XLER8R framework.


Because XLER8R is built on serverless platform, the infrastructure is designed to scale up when traffic increases and scale down to save cost.

Serverlessor Containers?

XLER8R provides both serverless and container based components. XLER8R can fast-tracks your digital transformation journey from months to days and provides consistency across the organization. 

With XLER8R, your teams will get the best experience in the programming language of their choice while using the cloud.

XLER8R is built using Well-Architect CDK from CRE8IVELOGIX. Well-Architected CDK provides the components that satisfy well architected pillars and other best practices from AWS. These components are available for each of the AWS service such as API Gateway, S3, Lambda etc. 

Try out our open sourced version XLER8R-Lite on GitHub.


Infrastructure build using XLER8R is highly available out of the box, no additional configuration is needed.


Since XLER8R is build using servlets first approach, the infrastructure offer scalability to handle increased traffic. 

Cost Effective

One of the main tenet of XLER8R is to save cost for the organizations, using XLER8R organization can save as much as 80% of the cost.


By incorporating the best practice recommendations from AWS, XLER8R provides security and compliance with most of the standards.


Using XLER8R developers can write on a few lines of code to provision a well architected infrastructure hence increasing their agility and letting them focus on business differentiating features.





Cost Effective







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